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As a leader or as a teammate, sometimes we are in the situation of needing to support emotionally a teammate.

The teammate is visibly discourage for something and it’s easy to jump to problem solving mode and trying to fix it.

While sometimes a technical problem requires a technical solution, not all situations are solved by proposing the right course of action. Sometimes people just wants to be understood.

The best way to be empathic is to connect. When someone is in the dark, you just don’t turn on the lights. You should go in the dark and show that person that you are standing with them.

Emotions are not solved by recommending a course of action, emotions are solved by establishing a connection with the person that is discuratge.



Be clear with your feedback…

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It’s hard to give feedback. Specially if the feedback is to a person that is well intentioned or you know a lot of effort was placed on that product.

But if something is wrong, is wrong. If something/someone is heading the wrong direction, or you perceive that continuing the current path is headed on a collision course, something has to be done.

Been honest and direct with the required feedback to change to the right course is the right thing to do. Been clear with your teammate, is been kind to him/her. Be kind…

On the other hand, providing the wrong feedback or adorning too much the right feedback can lead to confusion. Been unclear is to do a disservice to your teammate and to yourself by ignoring what’s the right thing to do.



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Who am I? Who are you? Those are questions that puzzle us since we are young.

It is an important question that requires a very important, well though answer. I’s going to be the narrative that you will tell yourself over and over to overcome whatever obstacle comes in front of you.

In the book Educated by Tara Westover, she describes her journey from a farm to high level education. One of the most insightful advice she received was:

“You need to find what you are capable of, before decide who you are”

Many times we put a cap on our capabilities. Many times we define what we are based on what we have accomplished without even trying.

We are more than we believe, we just should give it a try…



Pursuing the impossible will lead to valuable lessons

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Thinking on our aspirations and dreams, it is easy to see how must of them can fall in “impossible” territory.

But, how to make them a reality?

We are not here to watch the days going by without making a mark, without making a change. We are not just expectations.

There is something thrilling about pursuing something impossible. It’s because you are answering at the calling of who you really are.

What is impossible will become inevitable by answering you urge of following and making it a reality. Even if you don’t make it all the way, the answers discovered in your pursue will become golden lessons. Perhaps the real reason to pursue the inevitable.



Dr. V.

Dr. V.

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