Hope is not a Strategy

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“I hope that this goes good for me…” — said everyone at some point.

How many times have we rely on hope alone when things gets difficult. When things are confusing and are really hard to understand.

Relying on hope alone, is like sailing to Europe without knowing to sail. Its like fighting on a MMA Championship match without training. It’s just crazy.

I get that sometimes there is either no time to prepare or is a decision that you have to make on the spot. But for everything else, if you have the time, planning is a no brainier.

If you have something in your life that you really hope it comes true, then is significant enough for you to spend a proportional amount of time to make it happen.

Don’t be lazy with your aspirations. Hope in many cases is laziness, is just saying “I know what I want, I just don't want to work for it or prepare for it” or “I want the Universe to had it over to me while watching Netflix”.

I understand and respect spirituality, and I absolutely consider that it has been a major factor on every success I had in my life and career. However, that hasn’t been the only a component to make great things happend; the other major part is working hard.

Hope without action is just wishfull thinking…




Aerospace Engineer, Professor @UCF.edu and Medium author on #leadership 🚀, #career 🎓 and #technology 📡

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Dr. V.

Dr. V.

Aerospace Engineer, Professor @UCF.edu and Medium author on #leadership 🚀, #career 🎓 and #technology 📡

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