The Power of Storytelling and How it Can Engage Your Audience

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Narratives have something mystical and powerful.

It probably goes back to the prehistorical era where we had to hide inside a cave from large predators and told stories among ourselves.

It was important because it meant survival. It was the way that knowledge was transferred thought millennia.

In this day and age still as effective as that prehistorical era. People really resonate to stories. They can be more empathetic to your situation if you can help them navigate through your experiences via a story.

It’s why we have to be intentional about adding a relevant story about the topic you will be talking about.

During a class, one student asked me to tell a story about my professional aerospace analyst experience. At first, I was a bit puzzle about what story to tell or what he meant, but after a clarification question, I got it.

He wanted me to bring them to one of my memories through a story. He wanted to experience what I have experience as an aerospace analyst.

I was able to tell them one of my early experiences as an engineer, and I could see how the story was resonating on them and how engaged they were the remainder of the time.




Aerospace Engineer, Professor and Medium author on #leadership 🚀, #career 🎓 and #technology 📡

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Dr. V.

Dr. V.

Aerospace Engineer, Professor and Medium author on #leadership 🚀, #career 🎓 and #technology 📡

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